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Dedicated to land and landowners in a four state area. Edgewater offers an expert solution for landowners seeking land management services. From traditional ranches, irrigated and dryland farms to exceptional hunting properties, we are committed to our clients' enjoyment and preservation of their asset.


Land Management

  • What can I expect if Edgewater takes over our land management?
    The land managers with Edgewater handle all of the day-to-day operations of your farm. We provide regular 'boots on the ground' inspections of your property throughout the year. After each farm inspection we provide a written farm report to keep our clients up to date of any changes. We create specific farm reports for each landowner based on the needs for each individual client. We take care of the grain inventory and marketing throughout the growing season. The land manager will make recommendations for any property improvements to help increase the value and profit for each farm. Most importantly, we manage the farm as if it was our own.
  • What sets you apart from the rest?
    Edgewater Insurance + Real Estate is dedicated to providing outstanding and personable services. We pay attention to the small details and work closely to earn the trust of each landowner. Our dedicated land managers/real estate agents have 50+ years of combined experience in the real estate profession.
  • How often do you visit my farm?
    Farms are visited on a regular basis throughout the growing season with additional visits as needed.
  • What types of reports will you provide?
    Our land management team is invested in the success of your property and can handle all major aspects of a successful farm operation. It is our priority to keep you 'in-the-know' about the details of your property through crop reports and financial statements. Quarterly & Yearly Financial Reports Income & Expenses Farm Reports Field Conditions Managers Notes Grain Marketing Production & Crop Inventory

Edgewater Insurance + Real Estate services over 35,000 acres of land across Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Colorado. 


Edgewater provides services tailored to the individual needs of each owner and their properties.


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  • Regular visits to the farms throughout the growing season with additional visits as needed.

  • Develop a detailed program for the farm that can reasonably achieve client's objectives.

  • Provide written reports to the owner following farm inspections.

  • Managing insurance coverage for the farm operation.

  • Monitoring and optimizing planting, fertilization, irrigation, and pest control.

  • Planning and implementing crop rotations.

  • Using data to make informed decisions and improve farm profitability.

  • Represent the owner in adjusting crop or improvement losses.

  • Monitor current and future Farm Programs that may enhance the farms profitability.


  • Negotiate yearly leases to take steps toward more profitable farm ownership.

  • Work closely with tenants to maximize profits.

  • Yearly meeting with tenants to discuss current year's crop production and the following years lease terms.

  • Determine which lease type works best for your farm and risk tolerance.

  • Lease types include

  • Standard Crop Share Lease

  • Crop Share Net Lease

  • Cash Rent Flex Lease

  • Standard Cash Rent Lease

  • Bushel Lease

  • Custom Operation Lease

  • Hunting Lease

Accounting Services

  • Pay invoices

  • Budgeting and financial planning for the farm operation.

  • Record-keeping for expenses, income, and overall financial performance.

  • Provide quarterly & annual financial reports.

  • Provide ACH transfers to the institution of the owner's choice.

  • Invest idle or excess funds in a Money Market Account until disbursed.


  • Assist the owner in identifying feasible objectives.

  • Provide farm valuations upon request for an additional fee.

  • Work with the owner in the sale of their real estate.

Grain Marketing

  • Market the owners share of the grain

  • Developing grain marketing strategies.


  • Oversee sustainable farming practice to ensure water, soil and biodiversity conservation.

  • Conducting soil tests and interpreting results for optimal fertilization.

  • Implementing erosion control measures and sustainable land use practices.

  • Planning and managing irrigation systems.

  • Preserve farmland values for the owner.


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Land Mgt Testimonials
Image by Matt Phillips

"Steve has managed my property for well over 30 years and I consider him a very good friend! He has answered my hundreds of questions when I wasn't understanding something and taken care of problems when they arose. He has also been able to work with my unique financial situation. His relationship with those that farm the land has been exceptional and I feel that has helped us all be successful in our respective areas."


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